• Printing solutions

    For any printer in the office we can extend
    functions and their use. 

Our on site or cloud printing solutions and services

Printer and MFP security, user authentication, encryption and follow-me prints.

Monitoring and cost accounting for printing and copying.

 Barcode printing.

 Automatic document processing (OCR, storage in DMS systems directly from the printer).

Archiving of print jobs.

Mechanical accessories (locks, tray capacity expansion).

Emulation of printing languages (IPDS) Printing of forms and graphic elements.

Other (PCL stream manipulation, font expansion, memory components)

    Printing solutions



    Barcode identification is an efficient and accurate way to mark items. Barcodes can greatly simplify warehouse management, product labeling, tracking distribution and shipment, ordering and payment of goods. Thanks to these modules, barcodes can be printed on conventional printers.

    Nuance AutoStore

    Nuance AutoStore

    The ultimate solution for the secure capture/acquisition and comprehensive distribution of paper or electronic documents or data in a variety of formats. Capture from copiers, mobile devices or scanners and other capture devices and send or distribute to many business applications and platforms. All in a very intuitive and user-friendly way. 

    Print Evolve

    Print Evolve

    The ideal solution for monitoring and analyzing the usage of various devices for printing, copying or scanning documents. It allows you to optimize printing costs, manage access rights to different types of printing and multifunction devices or implement print job accounting. Users can also recall their print jobs on their chosen devices and enjoy other advanced features.



    Users in a network with multiple printers can select directly on the print device, the request to print their job. Identification by code, chip or mobile phone. Secure distribution of your prints so that you get them directly into your hands. No more sensitive documents lying around on printers and no more risk of leaking sensitive information. It also allows you to optimize the cost of your prints by eliminating the need for individual printers for security reasons.