Voip phone systems integration

Cloud phone system for offices, businesses and customer centers integrated with ZOHO applications. Calling directly from individual Zoho applications via VoIP PBX.

This integration will allow you to nurture customers using all available communication channels such as voice, email, SMS, web chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Viber.

No hardware, no software installation on your computers, no huge initial investments.

Register your company and phone numbers, provide us some basic info about calling scenarios and all the rest is up to us!

One-click direct calling

Call your contacts easily from Zoho, avoid the hassle of using multiple devices, reduce time spent, and improve productivity.

Automatic call logging

All calls are automatically logged in Zoho for better control and tracking of customer activity.

Incoming call information

Enjoy detailed contact information before answering a call, improving caller attention.

Access to call recordings

You'll be able to record all your calls, even those made with cell phones, and access them from the Customer's tab on Zoho.