• PFC Business Registers

    Software extension (plugin) for Zoho CRM

    Automatic and individual updates from Czech
    commercial register ARES

These extensions allow you to quickly and conveniently find the desired subject and download their data into CRM. The automated data checking capabilities ensure that your database of companies, their addresses and details of VAT ID, VAT number or VAT payer reliability will be up-to-date at all times, without the need for regular manual checks.
You can also see a demonstration of the functionality of the plugin for ARES (Czech Business Register). The functionality for the Slovak Business Register is similar.
The condition for using this plugin is the user's acceptance of PFC as a development partner. Installation options are limited in some price plans and if you are unable to install the plugin according to the attached instructions, we recommend contacting our support.
More information on the ARES registry can be found here
 More information on the Slovak Business Register can be found here
More info about plugin