Zoho CRM now allows you to use DataPrep in Beta version.

24.08.22 12:42:09 By Erik Elmer

Data quality control in Zoho CRM thanks to DataPrep

Zoho now enables a data quality check tool for selected customers using Zoho CRM in beta access. This can dramatically improve data consistency, simplify duplicate searches, and many other advanced tools that give users increased control over their data.
This functionality is available upon request (send an email request to info@pfc-group.com).
More information about DataPrep can be found here.
This connector for Zoho CRM will allow data to be exported to DataPrep and then imported back after processing, analysis and editing.
Among the main advantages we can mention:
  • Save time by eliminating mismatches prior to export
  • Design a foolproof Zoho CRM -> Zoho DataPrep -> Zoho CRM sync
  • Rollback to last known stable state in case of failures affecting export