Zoho brings ChatGPT support in Zoho Writer

12.04.23 16:19:40 By Milad

Make writing easier in Zoho Writer with ChatGPT integration

We would like to inform you that Zoho, based on customer requests and the ChatGPT artificial intelligence trend, has brought Zoho Writer app connectivity with ChatGPT.


With this connection, you will be able to easily create compelling, organized content, whether it's blog writing, social media posts, or email.


What is the ChatGPT extension for Zoho Writer?


The ChatGPT link with the Zoho Writer app allows you to interact with the ChatGPT bot while you write. By seamlessly and easily connecting ChatGPT with the Zoho Writer app, you can chat with the bot and use its responses to improve your content.


Main features of the extension:


Ability to chat with the ChatGPT bot while writing: the ChatGPT bot is now available within Zoho Writer, allowing you to use both tools in one window.


Pre-made requests: select the request you need and let the bot help you with it. You can choose requirements such as Generate tweet, Punctuation and Suggest caption.


Easily add ChatGPT bot responses: transfer ChatGPT bot responses to Zoho Writer with a single click, without switching tabs or copying and pasting text.


Improve your writing: use ChatGPT to rephrase sentences to make the resulting text easier to read.


Secure your documents: your documents in Zoho Writer are completely secure and will not be shared with ChatGPT.


How to get the ChatGPT extension for Zoho Writer: You can find the link in the Zoho Marketplace and follow the instructions to install it - it's very easy and quick!

If you need support or you have any questions for any Zoho related issues, contact us today!