Sign your documents with Zoho Sign

20.04.23 11:03:33 By Milad

Are you looking for a digital platform that allows you to legally sign documents without having to send tons of printed paper back and forth? Select Zoho Sign.

Zoho Sign is a complete digital signature app for business users. The terms "e-signature" and "digital signature" are often used interchangeably. However, e-signing a document simply means adding a digital image of your handwritten signature, which can easily be forged. Digital signature tools like Zoho Sign use cryptographic technology where mathematical algorithms generate unique keys. These keys are used to attach, encrypt and identify the signer of a digital document, then they are compared to determine the authenticity of the document and the signer. Zoho Sign is not just about signing, sending and managing documents. It helps verify the identity of the signer, receive payments, sign documents with the highest level of compliance and security.


Zoho Sign is a service delivered as a standalone solution or as part of Zoho One, a complete business operating system. In both cases, it is possible to integrate with the so-called Qualified Trust Service Providers in the EU (QTSP), such as Uanataca, InfoCert and Signicat, as well as with eID Easy, an aggregator of trust services in Europe, offering eID-based qualified signature services based on country/region recipient's residence. Why is this integration important?


Not every electronic signature is a qualified signature. According to the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council of Europe on trust services and electronic identification, we can distinguish three types of electronic signature:


A simple electronic signature in which data in electronic form is attached or logically linked to other data in electronic form and which is used by the signatory as a signature.


Advanced electronic signature - a type of electronic signature that meets the following requirements:

1. is unambiguously associated with the signer;

2. allows the signer to be identified;

3. it is created using electronic signature creation data that the signatory can use with a high degree of confidence under his sole control; and is linked to the signed data in such a way that any subsequent change is recognizable.


Qualified electronic signature and electronic seal in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation - eIDAS is the commonly used name of the EU Regulation 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services in electronic transactions on the EU internal market. These are standard rules applicable in all European Union Member States since July 1, 2016, which ensure a consistent legal structure in the field of trust services (e.g. electronic signatures) and electronic identification. In the European Union, only a legally qualified signature is considered equivalent to a handwritten signature. A qualified electronic signature should be issued by one of the Qualified Trust Service Providers (QTSP).


Zoho Sign offers the ability to sign documents with your own qualified signature certificate through native integration with services provided by Qualified Trust Service Providers (QTSP). Key benefits?


  • The highest level of eIDAS compliance

  • Legally equivalent to signing documents with pen and paper

  • Documents signed with this method are timestamped with the trusted document for an additional level of security and non-repudiation

These integrations are available to all Enterprise license users.