Ulaa - a new privacy-focused browser from Zoho

19.05.23 11:29:04 By Milad

Ulaa, the first in the world  privacy-focused browser, has just been launched. It has  built-in tracking blocking and web surveillance features.

Ulaa: a new standard for privacy in the search engine market.

According to Norton's report, 85% of adults worldwide want to do more to protect their privacy online, and two-thirds of global consumers believe technology companies have too much control over their data. Ulaa is the next step in Zoho Corporation's long-standing commitment to privacy and is designed to help protect users' personal data and online activity from the prying eyes of surveillance companies.


Ulaa, a word derived from the Tamil language (one of India's script systems), means voyage or cruise and was chosen to express protection against tracking and surveillance.


Ad and data tracking blockers prevent third-party websites and trackers from tracking user data along with blocking unwanted ads, notifications and pop-ups. This helps protect users from targeted advertising, identity theft and other forms of online tracking and surveillance. Existing browsers use time trackers or idle monitors and transmit user data to the software provider, making it difficult for users to maintain privacy. Ulaa does not track or share user data with any third parties. DNS pre-fetching is prohibited so data cannot be cached, as are motion sensors that track mouse movements and clicks.

Ulaa users can switch between five unique modes based on their desired browsing options, with each mode completely isolated from the others, offering protected versions of browsing unique to a particular mode. It allows browser users to set and remember which websites belong to which modes. The next time a user visits the site, Ulaa will automatically prompt him to open the site in the selected mode. Ulaa's five modes are:


Personal mode - users can do all their online banking, music or video streaming or shopping. They can view their browsing history, search records, favourite sites and cookie data without logging into Ulaa. This mode enables secure logins to user accounts, prevents adverts and maintains online privacy.


▪ Work mode - is designed for work and automatically downloads the applications, websites and browser extensions that are used most frequently at work. With ad blocker enabled, users are protected from intrusive ads, possible phishing attacks and more, so they can stay focused and productive in their work.


▪ Developer mode - Designed for professional web developers and testers, Ulaa's developer mode includes a suite of developer tools and suggested extensions in the browser. This mode allows users to make sure their sites are compatible with different browsers and devices, and offers the opportunity to test new features and create cross-platform applications. Developers can check currently loaded HTML elements, CSS styles and JavaScript in developer mode, while keeping track of the resources the page has requested, monitoring load times and more.


▪ Children's Mode - The special family-friendly mode provides a safe place for children to browse, learn, play games and explore online content. It features native content filtering that protects children from accessing inappropriate content, as well as parental controls that ensure websites designated by a parent are blocked when using Child Mode. Children's mode features ad-free entertainment and educational games, apps that promote creativity and is easy to navigate, regardless of age.


▪ Open Season mode - The mode contains no privacy restrictions. With ad blockers and tracking disabled, this mode allows access to all websites, including sites with "zero restrictions" - similarly setting the UIaa to make the browser behave like others. The sharp red theme of this mode serves as a reminder of disabled data protection features and lets the user know that they are being watched online.

Ulaa comes also with tab management options to display all open tabs in one place, which can be grouped and organised. Users can easily switch between tabs, close tabs that are no longer needed, or move tabs to another mode or a new window.


The new Zoho browser is free for all, and the desktop version is fully accessible. The iOS and Android versions are currently in beta and available for download.


More information can be found at: https://ulaa.com